Robo Rover (for Poser)


Introducing the next animal from the Digimation collection: Robo Rover.

Do you want a playmate for your child? This dog can do it.
Do you want a guardian for your home? This dog can do it. Note: although there are no weapons installed, the dog can still subdue any intruder.
Do you want it to fetch your newspaper in the morning? This feature was upgraded with an always-on connection to your favorite news source.

Available in plenty of color choices, or simply repaint it as you like.
.: Product Features :.
  • Poser figure (obj, cr2/ png), with approx 31,795 polygons.
  • Scaled to the same size as the Poser dog.
  • All body parts are posable: head, nose, ears, collar, and all four legs.
    - Uses the same body parts names as the other Poser animals, so the Head and Hand cameras will work.
    - Due to the joint setup, this model will NOT take poses designed for other animals.

    .: Textures :.
  • No textures needed, just one reflection map
  • Uses Poser's reflection node.
    - If you want to import this model into other software programs, consult your manual for creating reflective surfaces.
  • Templates are included.
  • Body colors:
    - Black and Purple
    - Blue and Gold
    - Blue and Red
    - Green and Yellow
    - White and Gray (default color)
  • Eye colors:
    - Blue
    - Green
    - Purple
    - Red
    - Yellow

    .: Position Poses :.
  • (Default): resets to standard pose
  • Begging
  • Kneeling
  • Sniffing ground
  • Standing on rear legs
  • Walking