AtoZ Steampunk Pipes & Wires PLUS v1 from Tiger9166


Steampunk Pipes & Wires PLUS from:Tiger9166 aka AtoZ
Just how rusty do you want it?  Tiger 9166 offers you Super Hi-Res Pipes & Wires PLUS for your Steampumk creations.  Not to mention a way cool Dual Turbine Pump... or is a Generator?  With the included Motor, I guess it's a Pump!  On the other hand with the included Three Phase Generator, I guess it's a Turbine Generator.

Scale up the included pipes and have at it!  You can even use the Triple to Single Inlet or Outlet Adapters plus their flanges and run pipes just about anywhere you want!

OH! you needed ventilation?  That's OK because there are two different vents to use with the pipes to use ventilation all over the place!

Is that enough? No, you get the beginning of a great set of insulators, wires and even a SUPER Generator wire Support with included three phase power wires and even a sagging power line to add detail(see the promo pics)!

YES! The rust textures were made using my Rust Texture Resource also on sale here at Content Paradise!

So grab up one of these sets at the Intro Price and have at it!
Yes, these go well with the AtoZ (Tiger9166) Steampunk Building Kit vI

    Load a...
  • Pump (Axel and attached Coupling spin) ... then a...
  • Motor... or...
  • Generator I then Generator II (same model and texture - Shaft and attached Coupling spin).
If you loaded two generators... Props:
  • Load in the (smart) Wire Support...
  • Depending on how you want to use your generator or pump you may want to load in the smart either the 3-1 Input Adapter or the 1-3 Output Adapter. Or just use pipes any way you want!
      Now go to town with Pipes!
    • 1 Unit Long Straight Pipe
    • 5 Unit Long Straight Pipe
    • 10 Unit Long Straight Pipe
    • 20 Unit Long Straight Pipe
    • Tight 90 Degree Pipe
    • Wide 90 Degree Pipe
    • "S" Bend Pipe
    • Rather Mangled Pipe
    • Strange Pipe
    • Strange Manifold(s) - 2 Textures!
    • 3-1 Pipe Adapter for the Turbine "Pump"
    • Bolts with Nuts
    • Bolt
    • Nut
    • PLUS 4 (smart) Bolts
    • BONUS! - 5 Multi Pipe (with Flanges) !Preloads... Yes they are parented so check your Heirarchy so you can un-parent and move what you want where you want!
    • Plus PLUS Pipe with Rectangular Vents
    • plus Plus PLUS Pipe with Rounded Corners and "grate" covered opening!
      Yes, you get the Flanges shown in the Promo Pics!
    • (smart) Triple Flange Input Assembly
    • (smart) Triple Flange Output Assembly
    • (just a) Flange
    • Flange Assembly
    • Flange/Pipe Cap
    • Flange with Cap (sealed)
    • Flange with Dangling Cap
    • Cap Texture Variations
  • Electricals?
    • Ceramic Insulator (for wire loop>
    • Through Joist Insulator
    • Twin Wire Insulator
    • Wire Loop for Insulator
    • PreLoad with Loop and Insulator
    • Just a wire (scale to need)
    • Sagging Power line (already scaled to "Wire Support" for generators).
    • three Preloads of the sagging lines to match the three parallel three phase output of the generators.
    • 2 - "Pigtail" Wire Outputs (smart preloads) for the generators (be sure to pick one before appplying! <\ul>
    • BONUS! - Two Slimey Drippings to make slimey messes (see the promo pics!) <\ul> HINT: Load a pipe add required flange joints, caps of just flanges... parent the flange (etc) to the pipe before you move it! And, if you're making pipe assemblies, add one additional piece at a time slide it into position with a parameter dial and remember to parent things as you assemble!

      THAT'S A LOT ISN'T IT?... Tiger9166 loves to give you lots and lots of cool stuff for to help you boost your render's level of detail!

      Copyright 2013 Tiger9166 - A product of Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. All rights reserved.

      Tiger9166 sets and items in them including all .obj and .jpg files are under licensing, see the license.txt file as you are agreeing to these terms when you purchase this set.

      Only items listed above are Included!