Marnie Miki4


Marnie is a fair lady created for Miki4.

You will not need additional morph packs because we sculpted her face and body to give her pin-up curves and a more soft and feminine appearance.

Breasts, genitals, shoulders, arms, legs, torso, we changed her features and gave her a very realistic skin, thanks to the use of the new Subsurface Scattering nodes system of Poser9/2012.

Included in this package there are lots of goodies, like three different MAT files:

- MAT Basic
- MAT Soapy

The soapy feature will help Marnie clean up her act :) and is a fun addition for your Runtime.

We used high definition photos of a real woman to make her skin very realistic.

Five different facial expressions complete this set.

Tranform the basic Miki4 into this sexy lady with just a click of your mouse!

In this package you'll find:

- INJ Marnie Head
- REM Marnie Head
- INJ Marnie Body
- REM Marnie Body
- INJ Nipples
- REM Nipples
- MAT Marnie
- MAT Marnie SSS
- MAT Marnie Soapy
- MAT Lashes
- 5 MAT Eye colors
- 5 MAT Face
- 5 MAT Face SSS
- 5 MAT Face Soapy
- 5 MAT Lips
- 5 MAT Lips SSS
- 5 MAT Lips Soapy

- Zeroed Face

- 6 Marnie Facial Expressions