3DToons Toon Village for Vue
Ends on Feb 18 2018


Please note.... this item is NOT included in my Mega Bundle sold here, but this is a 3Dtoon rock bottom price item now!.

Now available for Vue 6+ as well, the 3DToons Toon Village! Completely redone to work in Vue and compatible with every Vue 6+ version that can use non-locked objects.

The Toon village contains 8 different kind of buildings. A regular house, an appartment complex and a more fancy house for the toons can afford it. Also you will find a Church, a City Hall (can also be used as a mansion) and a store in 3 variations, supermarket, hardware store and bakery/cakeshop.

Did anyone say vehicles? You will find 4 different kind of vehicles in this set. A regular car in 7 colors, an ambulance, a police car and a truck in 2 styles. Enough vehicles to fill your village with. The car figures are medium poly one, Enough details for close ups, but not too high poly to use a good number of them in one scene.

What is a village without some extras? This set also contains 2 road sections, a streetlamp, a tree, a bench and a free bonus item, the park.

25 Exterior vob models only.