Basement of Horror by Mesh Manglers



This Basement of Horror model from MESH MANGLERS consists of the
following poseable components:
- Wooden Entry Door
- Steel Basement Door
- Sliding Viewing Panel on Steel Door
- Door Lock Bar on Steel Door
- Access Panel on Steel Door

This product also includes 10 x Assorted Props:
- Bucket
- Chair
- Collar Restraint
- Handcuff Pole
- Hook and Chain
- Light Globe
- Light Sconce
- Old Bed
- Ring and Chain
- Wallpipes

Also included is 1 x Light Set.

The Dials associated with each of the poseable components of the
Basement of Horror have been renamed for ease of identification and use
and have been range limited to prevent mesh intersection.

The assorted props included in this product will load into the Basement
of Horror model at an appropriate starting point.  For example
the Light Sconce will load beside the entry door at the models top
level, the bed will load into the recessed area of the Basement room,
etc.  Once the assorted props are loaded they can be
repositioned as required.

The Light Set included in this product will place a Point Light at each
side of the entry door on the top level of the model, a Point Light
inside the stairwell at the top and bottom of the stairs and a point
light in the Basement of Horror room itself.  Each of the
Point Lights are positioned appropriately for the Light Globe and Light

Every part of the Basement of Horror model can be hidden to allow
unobstructed placement of cameras.  To hide any part of this
product simply select the body part and under the properties tab
uncheck "Visible".

This poseable Basement of Horror model by Mesh Manglers is a dark and
dank place ideally suited to the confinement of a slave, a prisoner, or
a derranged family member or the containment of any animal or monster.
 This product comes with highly detailed textures as well as
ten additional props to help create that perfect scene.  Now
you have somewhere to keep that mad uncle that nobody talks about

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