AtoZ Steampunk Building Kit Exterior v1 by Tiger9166


Steampunk Building Kit Exterior Version 1 from Tiger9166/AtoZ

A pounding at the door. You saunter over and slide the sneak/peek open and look out. It's one of the Darby Brothers! No need to trust him too much, so you just slide the upper and lower bolts back, and only swing open the top of the door ... and slowly at that ... No one else in sight. So you ask him "Wadda want?" "Just some rounds for my Gats",he replies. "How many is your idea of some?" you ask. "I'll take four cases of full clips," he answers. "Got the cash?" He nods. Now, you know that you don't want to lug four full cases all the way to this door all the way from the from the storeroom even with your assistant's help, so you stick your head all the way out and look both ways ... its clear, so you tell him so, "Step on back down the steps." You throw the bolts for the lower door and step out with your key in hand. Yell to your assistant, "Hey Frad, close and bolt this door behind me! NOW!" From way back you hear him coming. "Come on then," you tell Dal Darby, "We'll go get what you want, IF you've got gold, I ain't taken any paper" (Yeah, times are tough - gold talks paper just crinkles) ... Dal Darby hands you a heafty pouch ... it feels right, but you bite all the coins one by one. They're soft, so you know its gold ... You head down the stairs and across to the ramp at the loading dock. Up the ramp, open the lock and pull one of those darn heavy doors open. "Wait here," you tell Dal. And you go get his goods ...

It's you're adventure or mine, BUT you obviously couldn't do this without ... A drum roll please ...

THE Ultimate Steampunk Exterior Building Kit! AND it's not just for Steampunk ... It makes for great warehouses, armories and more!

NOT to mention this is not just a super exterior set, this one actually comes with interior beams, braces, ceilings and floors! Of coures, it works the very best if you add the Steampunk Interior Building Kit from Tiger9166 (see the promo pics), but this one doesn't force you to buy an interior ... You can pick what you can put inside a building of about any dimensions you'd like. Let your imagination wild with this highly detailed Exterior Building Set from Tiger9166 aka AtoZ.

Super Sale Pricing? YES! List Price $39.95, Regular Sale Price $22.95 SUPER SLASH PRICE? $14.95 Get yours before the promotional pricing ends!
This set comes with: Lots of figures ...6 Wall sections ... two with functional Doors, locks and more, one Corner Keep with an Adjustable Floor, two Railings and a set of Stairs and a Loading Ramp PLUS TWO presets to get you going (you also get the walls and the keep with the included Barred Window Props pre-loaded fro ease of use AND a bunck of Props: The aforementioned Iron Window Bars, a two story high Vertical Support Beam, an Aging but strong Horizontal Beam, X Brace, T Brace, V Brace, 90 degree V Brace and Singular Brace (for the beams - see the promo pics) plus a Roof/Floor Panel, a Floor/Roof Panel (ok it's the Roof/Floor Panel "flipped") and a Floor/Floor Panel PLUS a Preset to get you going! ... Whew! It's another Tiger9166 real deal building set!

Files in the usual handy TJM folders:
Runtime:Libraries:Character:TJM:Steampunk:Building Kit Exterior
Runtime:Libraries:Props:TJM:Steampunk:Building Kit Exterior

I hope that you will add this cool figure set to your collection! If you do I thank you in advance. Have fun and animate away!

All promotional pictures where Firefly rendered in Poser v7! Vehicles, Trailers, Other Props, Terrains, Animals and Backgrounds not included.

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