Delphine Miki4


Miki4 gets a restyling in the hands of the Tempesta3d boys!

Delphine is a realistic, enchanted beauty of the sea. She loves the water and she seduces shipmen like a mermaid. She is perfect in romantic or pin-up scenes, but you can use your fantasy to create for her fantastic scenarios.

You will not need additional morph packs because we sculpted her face and body to give her pin-up curves and a more soft and feminine appearance.

Breasts, genitals, shoulders, arms, legs, torso, we changed her features and gave her a very realistic skin, thanks to the use of the new Subsurface Scattering nodes system of Poser9/2012.

Tranform the basic Miki4 into this sexy fantasy lady with just a click of your mouse, give your Runtime a feeling of the Ocean with Delphine.

Several smart props are included and a dynamic skirt that will remind you of the shape of a mermaid tail.

In this package you'll find:

- INJ Delphine Head
- REM Delphine Head
- INJ Delphine Body
- REM Delphine Body
- MAT Delphine
- 3 MAT Eye colors
- 6 MAT Face
- 1 MAT Lips Natural
- 1 MAT Lips Wet
- 5 MAT Nails

Plus, as a bonus:

- A dynamic skirt (you must use the cloth room of Poser to create realistic movements)
- A starfish Belt
- Left and Right starfish Bra
- A starfish to position on the hair.

The hair starfish is parented to the head of Delphine, you need to adjust it according to the hair position.

All these props come with several MAT files:

- 2 MAT for the Belt
- 2 MAT for the Bra
- 2 MAT for the Hair Starfish
- 3 MAT for the Skirt

Make a splash with your renders with Delphine!