3DToons Mega Bundle
Ends on Nov 12 2017


No, I haven't gone crazy...... but now you can get everything I ever made before February 2013 in one bundle. If you like toons, this is a great deal. Instead of buying all of my items one at the time, you can buy them all at once, over 50 products! Best of all, you will save yourself some cash, since this is a great deal.

Not included in this bundle are 2 newer items, the Toon Village for Vue and Trojans vs Greeks M4

The image, does not show everything included in this bundle. The only items I've made that are not in this bundle are the freebies, you need to download those seperately, the rest is al included in this mega bundle.

If you do own a number of products already, then this may still be a good deal for you.

ToonGen items, complete medieval and modern towns, scifi content, fantasy items, roman times, knights and much more.... it's all included in this bundle.


3DToons Robo City
City Light Dark City
ToonGen Knights
Toon Roman Arena
Toon Roman Gladiators
Roman Clothes ToonGen
Toon Roman Legionary
Landscape Serie 1
Rock Castle
Medieval town set 4
Medieval town set 3
Medieval town set 2
Medieval mist set 2
Medieval mist set 1
Medieval town set 1
Toon Generation Siege
Toon Generation Knight Pack
Toon Village Cars
Toon Village Extras
Toon Village Building
Toon Village Houses
Castle Construction
SciFi Mega Pack
Farm Life Essentials
3DToons Farm Life
Rural Life Winter Set
Rural Life Base Set
New! Rural Life Curtains
ArenaBots & Arena
3DToons Zoo The Pit
3DToons Zoo Savanna
Zoo Penguin Pool
Zoo Marine Life
3DToons Zoo Gift Shop
Zoo Big Cat Habitat
3DToons Zoo Base
BeBots V3 & V4
BeBots V1 & V2
Heavy Metal Blank Bo
Hero and Villain Boi
Warrior Boi
product sample bundle
ST Spaceship Bundle
Dragon Hunter for Chip
TT Vehicles Bundle
DragonWorld Crystals
DragonWorld Base
Keep Contruction Set
3DToons The Keep
3DToons Kings Raft
3DToons Rafts
ToonWorld Winter
ToonWorld Island Expansion 2
ToonWorld Island Expansion 1
ToonWorld Island Base
A curtain set for the Rural Life Base Set

Please note: there are 5 zip files to be downloaded, each file contains a number of products. All files are below 180mb.

Some of the items do not work in DS, but only a few, the majority works fine.

NOTE FOR PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS: If you've bought the Bundle before 10th of February and had problems downloading, please contact me.