AtpZ Steampunk Building Kit I (Interior) v1 from Tiger 9166


Steampunk Building Kit v1 from Tiger9166 aka AtoZ
It's a long walk down that corridor to get your Gat. The two of you are definately going to really want to go that far AND then you've gotta go back to get cases of clips! I expect you'll find this no real challange!

So, that Building set will allow you to make corridors, cavernous warehouses and strong holds to fit your imagination. Oh, about that case of clips ... when this kit is online, an insert for the Gat case will be the next freebe for you! BUT, you'd better get busy ... Hey, you could construct a maze if you want!

You get walls, floors, ceilings, passage ends, pillars, pipes, brackets, drains, an iron barred gate, a cathedral dorrrway with a massive blast door and more!
Wait until you see the high quality textures, you get walls with ventilation fans, leaks and patches! Some specifically worded with directions to the Armory! Ypu're gonna be busy OR take advantage of the sample scenes provided and add to them or tweak them you your heart's desire!
AtoZ/Tiger9166 SPecial Pricing ... Of course, List Price is $39.95 ... Usual best sale price is $24.95 ... Grab the early limited supply for only 14.95!
You get a whole lot of stuff AND most of the walls are fully reversable!
    6 Movable Figures and a Bonus!
  • 1 Iron Barred Entry with FS Look
  • Cathedral Entryway with Blast Door
    • 3 Tube Brackets ... all arms/feet extend/wobble and rotate!
    • 1 Double Armed Ceiling/Wall Brace
    • 1 Single Arm Ceiling Brace
    • 1 Floor Mount Brace
  • 1 30 Segment Bendable/Twistable Tube (Thanks to PhilC's ALl Tied Up!)
  • ... Bonus! 1 EZ Figure Short Corridor loader!
    34 Props - and a Bonus ... Where to start?
  • 3 Openings
  • 3 Ceilings Plain/Lights Only/Lights and Vents
  • 9 Walls too many options to list them all, see the Promo Pics!
  • 5 Ends
  • 2 Pillars/Columns
  • 3 Long Tubes/Pillars
  • 3 Floors including a "Tee"
  • 3 Fixed Prop Mounting Brackets
  • 2 Pipes - One with a Venting Grate
  • 1 Drain/Vent to play with (be sure to scale x and z the way you want them!)
  • ... PLUS a Bonus EZ Prop Hallway Loader
BTW: Check out Cameras for two Short Corridor Figure Loader Main Camera settings and a Simple Quick Light Set for this as well!


Only the items listed above come with this set! Other figures/clothing/props/accessories are NOT included!

Copyright 2012 Tiger9166 - A product of Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. All rights reserved.

Tiger9166 sets and items in them including all .obj and .jpg files are under licensing, see the license.txt file as you are agreeing to these terms when you purchase this set.