3DToons Knights of light and darkness for Toon Generation
Ends on Feb 18 2018


Welcome the new 3DToons theme.... dark and light. You can expect the city of light and the city of darkness soon, but as a prelude to these cities, today you can enjoy it's fearsome defenders. These knights defend these cities from intruders of the other city. Of course will find a knight of light and a knight of darkness in this new set.

You will get boots and a full armor in 2 styles. All of these items are conforming clothing items, complete with the ToonGen body shapes, like female, skeletal, malebuff and more. This set is not made for extreme poses, but will handing regular bending and twisting quite well. The Armor is one conforming item, made up of 9 parts, a breatplate, leg plates and arm plates.

To complete the armor, 2 body textures are included, giving a chainmail look to your ToonGen figure. In addition to the conforming clothing items, there are 4 helmets, 2 in the light style and 2 in the dark style. All of the helmets have a large head (default) and small head version. For your convenience, a small head pose is included. (Please note that DS4 users do not have to use the small version of the helmets, they can use the large version, since they will scale automatically to the correct size.)

For shields, weapons and poses, please check out my medieval sets: 3DToons Toon Generation Medieval Pack and 3DToons Toon Generation Medieval Siege Pack also found at Content Paradise.


* 3 Conforming clothing items (boots, light style armor (9 parts), dark style armor (9 parts)for 3DUniverse's Toon Generation Character
* ToonGen body dials are included with the conforming clothing items to fit body shapes like female, skeletal, malebuff and more
* 8 Extra smart-props, 2 light style large helmets, 2 light style small helmets, 2 dark style large helmets, 2 dark style small helmets (DS users only need the large style ones)
* 2 chainmail body textures for the Toon Generation Character included for both Poser and DAZ Studio
* 1 small head pose
* All textures are 1500x1500 pixels in size

NOTE: Weapons and figure not included. Some of the renders show the full reflection in Poser, others half and some with no reflection (raytrace off). You can play with the settings to get the desired results. DS users may have to adjust reflections manually to activate them.