Gift-Wrapping, gift packaging for Poser


Have much fun to pack all your Runtime content as gifts with this rich realistic set of cartons, boxes, ribbons, bows and papers.

The carton figure includes bones, so you can just drag the single wings with your mouse to open and close the box or you use the dials in the parameter window for opening and closing the carton.

The boxes also include bones, so you can simply drap the lid to open it or you just use the dials in the parameter window.

The ribbons and bows you'll find in 2 versions. The simple version is just loading into the scene and includes some fun morphs to use it without boxes.

The parented versions are smartprops, that need the box loaded and selected first so the ribbon is parented to that box and it follows the movement of the box. There are also some fun movement morphs within theses ribbon smartprops.

With 90 materials as mat poses you got endless variations to play with. The materials are ultra realistic and made for close-ups. See the additional images for an overview of all previews.

credits: thanks to Guderun for the lovely teddy bear sitting in the box on promo5 and also thanks to Babes & Beasts Designs by Styxx for the dead bunny!

Promo images have been rendered in P8, no postwork