AtoZ FLIGHT DECK and MORE for Future Cop from Tiger9166
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Flight Deck Textures for Future Cop and MORE! from Tiger9166
I hope that the Promotional Pictures inspire you. The first time I placed my Air Marshal facing a NDN Dropship at the Helicon Base, I was in love! I have been working on this set and all it comes with on and off for almost two years!

This set has inspired me ever since the first time I saw Future Cop (the clothing set). "WOW!", I thought, "I know how I can try to make that really cool!" Sounded good to me then reality hit ... How am I going to create new stitches? The answer was an investment in both "Stitch Witch" and the creation of my own special stitches so that the texture set could POP!

Well, lots of hours and tons of learning later, I present for your enjoyment Flight Deck and MORE!

Are you already thinking that Future Cops with Marshalling Flashlights will be used in the city where vehicles hover? Then the included poses could be really useful at ground level!

>>> This set includes both Static and >>> Animated Sequences <<< real world Flight Marshalling Poses for you to use and expand upon!

>>> A set of handy Marshalling Flashlights and corresponding Victoria 4 Hand Poses are included as well!

>>> Not to mention 11 count them 11 V4 Body Color Mats to complement the variety of Textures included:
So, who are you going to use in your next Animation or Render?
  • Flight Deck Air Marshall ... Her job? She tells them where to go!
  • Flight Deck ... She'll launches you!
  • Flight Crew ... They fuel aircraft and attach payloads ... Especially my Weapons Pack #1 Ocelots and Bunker Busters!
  • Ground Crew ... Can't live without them they both fortunately and at time I'm sure unfortunately take care of everything else from loading and unloading cargo ... and and and!
  • Pilots: Note thier uniforms designate them as "crew" ... Hey! You don't want to get shot down behind enemy lines and be the one whose helmet or uniform tells those unfriendlies that grabbed you ... This is the "Pilot" ... Hey, you just bombed them! So, "Crew" it is!
    • Dress Uniform
    • Jungle/Lush Forest
    • Camoflague
    • Desert
    • Winter
    • BONUS >>> Vanguard Crew Uniform ... Definately a Commercial, not a Military Uniform!
      This Texture set works from Poser7+ (required are V4 and Future Cop) to DAZ Studio ... WOW, it works especially well with autofit and Genesis, IF you have the required Future Cop for Genesis! (The Poser version does work, BUT the Boots aren't so great and again autofit best be in place!

      Is this set just for the girls? NO! If you want, in Poser or Studio get to the Texture or Material for the Top's "Straps" and just set the Transarency so they simply dissappear! Viola! A whole new way to go!

      The "Famous Tiger9166 Discount?" Of course, Retail priced at $39.95 with the amazing $19.95 Regular Sale Price, you can get your FLIGHT DECK rock'n during the early times for just $12.50!
      READY TO BE STUNNED? ... Here's the Poses List!
      26 Static Poses List
      Those with a 2 after them can be used to create animated sequences!
      And those with an "*" after them are Heliocopter/Hover Poses!
      • 1-Ahead
      • 1-All_Clear
      • 1-Hold Hover*
      • 1-Land*
      • 1-Left
      • 1-Move Back*
      • 1-Move Back2*
      • 1-Move Down*
      • 1-Move Down2*
      • 1-Move Forward*
      • 1-Move Forward2*
      • 1-Move Left*
      • 1-Move Right*
      • 1-Move Up*
      • 1-Move Up2*
      • 1-Next Marshal Left
      • 1-Next Marshal Left2
      • 1-Next Marshal Right
      • 1-Next Marshal Right2
      • 1-None
      • 1-Release Sling Load*
      • 1-Release Sling Load2*
      • 1-Right
      • 1-Stop
      • 1-Stop_Emergency
      • 1-Take Off*

      50 Animated Poses ... Includes "Connectors" so you can easily make SUPER Animations! PLus two sample animations to build on!
      • Ahead to All Clear
      • Ahead to EmergStop
      • Ahead to Left
      • Ahead to Next Marshal Left
      • Ahead to Next Marshal Right
      • Ahead to None
      • Ahead to Right
      • Ahead to Stop
      • AllClear to None
      • Animation Sample
      • Conn Flex to None
      • Emergency Stop to All Clear
      • EmergStop to None
      • Left to Ahead
      • Left to Emergency Stop
      • Left to None
      • Left to Right
      • Left to Stop
      • Move Down
      • Move Up
      • Next Marshal Left to None
      • Next Marshal Right to None
      • Next Marshal Right2 to None
      • Next Marshall Left2 to None
      • No_Signal
      • noComeEmgStopNo
      • None to Ahead
      • None to AllClear
      • None to Emergency Stop
      • None to Left
      • None to Next Marshal Left
      • None to Next Marshal Left2
      • None to Next Marshal Right
      • None to next Marshal Right2
      • None to Right
      • None to Stop
      • NoSig 2 Stop
      • NoSig2AllClear
      • Proceed Ahead
      • Proceed Ahead2
      • Right to Ahead
      • Right to Emergency Stop
      • Right to Left
      • Right to None
      • Right to Stop
      • Stationary Eleven
      • Stop to None
      • Stop_Emergency 1x
      • Turn Left 1x
      • Turn Right 1x
      • X Animation Sample (2)
      HAVE FUN! ...

      As usual, the commercial use license that you have to adhere to is included:
      Copyright 2012 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ

      Note: Photos, Buildings, 3D Terrains, Vehicles and other items seen in the Product Images that are NOT listed above are NOT included!