Steve and the Alien: Anime Studio Tutorial Series


Designed from the ground up, the Steve and the Alien: Anime Studio Tutorial Series is designed to take the student from beginning to end on how to create an animated cartoon.  The course is over 11 hours long, spread across 8 lessons, contains 32 videos and 52 project files (Anime Studio files require version 8 or higher to open).  The student will start with the basics, such as learning key points of Anime Studio’s interface and the importance of screenwriting, then move onto drawing, designing and animating and finish with editing the project together in Adobe Premiere or another video editing software. The videos are encoded in MP4 format, making it easy for you to view and transfer to other devices.  In the following videos you will learn how to:
  • Structure and outline your cartoon
  • Use the Add Point, Shape, Paint Bucket and Eyedropper Tools to create characters and objects
  • Structure and animate characters with the Bone Tool
  • Make use of Anime Studio Pro 8’s Patch Layer
  • Use keyframes and tweening techniques
  • Access layer effects to create dynamic visuals
  • Utilize the power of the Switch Layer for swapping assets in and out on the timeline
  • Use the powerful camera system for tracking, shaky and zoom effects
  • Create, animate and organize entire scenes of animation
  • Crop and piece videos files together
  • Implement sound effects and music into the project
  • Publish the project
  • And much more!
Project files require Anime Studio 8.0 or higher.  The file package gives you:
  • 51 Anime Studio Files and 1 Celtx Project File that corresponds to the lessons in the Steve and the Alien tutorial series
  • Original assets seen in the promo video, plus the files that were created in the recorded lessons
  • Fully functional characters, objects and animated scenes