Hotel Room


Brokered by MrSparky for Dark Anvil. An amazingly detailed Hotel Room with 38 seperate props with an inital one-click load and setup. The room comes fully decorated with furniture, including carpet, bed, wardrobe with opening/closing doors, 3 chairs, chest of drawers, TV set with remote control, Mirror, Desklamp, Notepad, Desk, Pillows, Bed, Bedside Lamp, Ashtray, Bedside table, 2 wall mounted pictures, Pot Plant and Floor Lamp, Opening and closing curtains. Plus theres a bathroom with opening/closing door bath, toilet, mirror, soap and soap dish, toiletrys,towels and towel rails. Or you open and close the curtains, and then open/close the scenic doors to stand on the balcony. Note: Morphs are external and only operate in Poser 6 and Higher. All other props work within all versions of Poser and are totally moveable and deleteable.