AtoZ Scaffold Parts PLUS v1 from Tiger 9166


Scaffold Parts PLUS from Tiger9166
An insane Collection of Pieces, Parts, Presets Poses AND Scenes to inspire your imagination and fill your dreams!

A really nice city building set like Predaton's City Streets looks darn good in renders, but, if it gets run down and there's graffiti all over it, someone forgets to pick up the garbage, it needs some serious refurbushing!
SO! Now you roll up a SCAFFOLDING PARTS PLUS Preset, throw some of your own signs and fences, add in your charaters and NOW you've got a really cool scene to render! (Mine are missing the graffiti!)
OK, for those of you who have a bit of fun on the "darkside" ... (renders of this NOT in my promos) ... Future Post-Catyclism survivors could handcuff, chain or tie a shapely, of course poorly dressed?) innocent damsel in distress to the top of a five story high scaffold as a sacrifice to that monster that visits weekly to be fed!
YES! The possibilities are endless with SCAFFOLD PARTS PLUS ... And even though I've included "ready to be made perfect" prop and character presets, you can turn this tubing into anything you want! ... Dream it! Build it!!
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  • 21 Props
    • A Braced "Bridge" used to span doorways.
    • One Handy Ladder
    • Nesting Aluminum Decking
  • 8 various Scaffold either partial builds or FULL Assemblies! Some are not perfect, but they put you well ahead in the game building your own!
  • AND - 4 Prop Presets of useful partial assemblies
  • 3 Articulated Figures
    • Simple Scaffold Caster (rotates & spins)
    • Locking Scaffold Caster (rotates, spins & "locks")
    • Scaffold Leveler (Realistic Height Adjustsand Base Turns too!)
    • AND 3 Figure Presets for placement under Prop Presets!
    • PLUS 6 other Figures:
      • 3 for Vertical Assembly (Top/Middle/Bottom)
      • 3 for Horizontal Assembly (Left End/Middle/Right End
  • 2 Michael 4 Poses (including "relocation") for the Promo's City Streets scene
  • 2 Hand settings for the 2 Michael's above Left Hand Placement
  • Three Metal Materials
  • One Light Set
  • AND >>> Multiple Poser7+ Scenes (Poser DIR>TJM>Scenes>) Preloaded to make "dropping in" your Presets even easier!
    Whew! I'm out of breath from typing all that! ... But I'm sure you won't be tired, as this Collection evokes your wildest imagination, and these SCAFFOLD PARTS PLUS pieces enhance your renders!
    BTW: If you want rusty, moldy or pitted pipes and joints? Hint: Go get the Poser "Rust-Icator" (not included in this set!)

    Thank you in advance if you add this set to your collection!

    This product Copyright 2012 produced by Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. and is sold solely by Tiger9166! (See license.txt for the Purchase Agreement
    Buildings, props(other than listed above), characters and backgrounds NOT included in this set!