MM Poser Truck


MM Poser Truck is a high detailed Model from a American Truck and Trailer. 5 Mat Poses and 6 Figureposes is within tihs Package.
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Included in this Package:

Trailer with Conform
Truck P8+
Trailer P8+ with Conform
Engine Prop

Engine Mat as Mat and Pose File
Trailer Mat as Mat and Pose File
Truck Fantasy as Mat and Pose File
Truck Ice as Mat and Pose File
Truck Red-White as Mat and Pose File
Truck Space as Mat and Pose File
Truck Starlight as Mat and Pose File

5 Pose for M4
1 Pose for V4

9 Texture Files incl. Trans and Bumpmaps


Moveable Parts and Morphs:

Wheel Back : Rotate
Wheel Middle : Rotate
Wheel Front Left : Rotate
Wheel Front Right : Rotate
Wheel Front Left 1 : Left-Right
Wheel Front Right 1 : Left-Right
Cap Left : Open-Close
Cap Right : Open-Close
Bumper : Bend
Door Left : Open-Close
Door Right : Open-Close
Seat Left : Front-Back, Up-Down, Left-Right
Seat Right : Front-Back, Up-Down, Left-Right
Steering : Rotate
Wiper Left : Up-Down
Wiper Right : Up-Down

P8+ Version
Wheel Front Left : Rotate, Left-Right (both Side)
Wheel Front Right : Rotate, Left-Right (both Side)



Back : Short-Long
Pipes : Short-Long
Side Left : Open-Close
Side Right : Open-Close
Lever Left : Open-Close
Lever Mid : Open-Close
Lever Right : Open-Close
Supporter Left : Up-Down
Supporter Right : Up-Down
Winder Left : Twist
Winder Handle Left : Up-Down
Winder Right : Twist
Winder Handle Right : Up-Down
Wheel1 : Rotate
Wheel2 : Rotate
Wheel3 : Rotate
Wheel4 : Rotate
Ramp : Up-Down
Rod Left : Up-Down, Left-Right
Rod Right : Up-Down, Left-Right

P8+ Version
Back : Short-Long (automatic adjusting Pipes)