3DToons Toon Generation Medieval Pack
Ends on Feb 18 2018


Turn 3DUniverse's Toon Generation into a fearsome knight or warrior with 3DToons Toon Generations Medieval Pack. This set contains various props, such as helemts, shields and weapons scaled for use with the toon generation figures.

As a bonus it also contains a set of textures for SilverElf's Toon Generation Fantasy clothes set found at This texture set turns the clothing into an armor in 5 styles: blue, purple, orange, dark and a more neutral one. Materials for P5, P6+ and DS are included. for P5 and DS you will find them in the pose folder and for P6+ in the material folder. Textures for the following clothing items are included: Bracers, Breast Plate, Pants, Short Boot Cuffs, Short Boots, Tabard, Tabard_Short, Tunic 1, Tunic Belt.

The knights helmets, flags and shields are colored in the same styles. All of the props have material zones for using your own textures of shaders/colors.

Included in this set:
* 15 props for 3DUniverse's Toon Generation Figure
* 5 variations (helmets, shields, flags)
* high res 1500x1500 & 2500x2500 textures
* material zones & textures
* Armor Texture Set in 5 Styles for SilverElfs Toon Generation Fantasy clothes
* Materials for Poser 5, 6+ and DS
* 13 poses
* Knight Helmet comes in large and small size