TJM - DECK-DOCK Set by AtoZ Tiger9166
Ends on Oct 22 2017


By AtoZ - Tiger9166!
Is it a deck or is it a dock?
Maybe it's both!
Not to mention whether or not you might consider it a boat!

Presenting AtoZ's Deck-Dock Set. Comes in two basic "Flavors":
  • One for mounting close to shore as it's up on "movable up/down" pilings, and has an attached Ramp that you can elevate to meet your needs!
  • The other is mounted on two riveted aluminum Pontoons so you can tow it and achor it you want it!
Also included are not only a wide variety of assembled props, like a deck with pilings to put out in a lake as a swim to and from place AND many others (see the samples in the Promotional Pictures please!).

    Bonus Items include:
  1. Decking Only (for Pontoons)
  2. Decking Only (for Railing)
  3. Railing with Lights
  4. Ladder Only
  5. Ramp Only
  6. Piling Only
  7. Pontoon Only
  8. Frame Rails Only
  9. Decking Only for Pontoons)
  10. Pontoon with Two Frame Rails
  11. Two Pontoons with a Deck Frame
I hope you purchase this item and arrange daytime fun, or maybe at night it's a great skinny-dipping platform!

No Matter how you choose to use this set, please enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

And I know from rendering the promotional pictures of Genesis beauties sunbathing to the romantic renders in in the moon light it is one photogenic item (yes, the deck and the added characters).
BTW: all characters, furniture, terrains, water planes and skies are not included.

BUT, I have Included a set of "night lights" for the Dock. (Add moonlighting to your content)

PLUS a set of actual and somewhat random materials to play with in the Poser Materials Room!

Note: You will find the DECK-DOCK items under PROPS > TJM > DD

Thank you for looking at and considering purchasing this set.

Should you decide to purchase it, thank you in advance!

Tim Machan - Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc - Tiger9166

*Tested and Renders done in DAZ 4 Advanced & Poser 7 (will probably work ok in earlier versions of both, but not tested!)