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I hope you've seen the cool promotional pictures of these three EXPANSION SETS individually!

IF YOU ALREADY WANT THE TWO POST LIFT SET - Click back now and look for the MEGA Bundle with ALL THREE Expansion Set AND the TWO POST LIFT included for a great price!

What will you get if you purchase this SUPER BUNDLE?


(Like all three sets in this bundle they are designed to be used alone or with Tiger9166's Two Post Lift Set!)

This set includes five useful items for your virtual home garage or virtual place of business. Functioning Hydralic Floor Jack, Deluxe Mechanics Creeper (fancy Oak), Valve for operating the Two Post Lift AND Two Pry Bars, one short the other long.

As usual, I have provided each item with two different texture sets applied, one with a brand new look and the other a bit dirty and worn.

So, jack up your vehicle and armed with your FREE Jack Stands (or Textured one if you own the Two POst Lift Set) brace the vehicle after lifting it and then slide your favorite character onto the Creeper and roll them under to get some serious floor work done!

The Pry bars are provided for those stubborn things that don't want to come apart until a little, or a lot, of force is applied. Please be careful not to void your vehicle's warranty.

Yes, the handle of the Lift Valve has a "body" ERC for Up and Down.

The Hydralic Floor Jack goes up and down, its lift plate rotates, Main Handle moves either to a rest position or can be "pumped", Casters can be rotated either together or separately. and both the caster and main wheels can be rotated ALL with ERCs.

PLUS you will recieve:


WOW, did I go and do it or what? Did you ever imagine that soemone would make you a 3D fully functional Transmission Jack? Well, here it is in all its glory!

SO, what do you get in this set? You get have four Useful Items for your garage or a total of TEN, if you count the brand new and alternate dirty and worn verions and those with and without a saftey chain prepositioned for your ease of use.

Here's what's included:
Functioning* Hydralic Transmission Jack *Handy" ERCs provided in the Transmission Jack "Body" allow you to simulate the entire range of actions the "real deal" is capiable of! The Tilt & Wobble Holding Plate has four separately variable holding adjusters so you can secure your trany before you pull it! The entire head assembly goes up and down PLUS rotates using the "Body" ERCs. "Pumping" the foot pedal simulates the motion necessary to move the head up, AND there is a Release Knob you can "turn" to let the head back down. The Caster wheels rotate as a group, but the Casters themselves pivot as a group or individually (click on the parts Rt(orLft)CasterBrg). Not to mention that there is a safety chain tightener that adjusts up and down as needed.

For the Grand Finale, two versions have safety chains pre-positioned to make your work easier with the chain's EASY POSE Dials so you can secure the trany on the jack!

Deluxe Car Ramps are in this set and they may come in handy! ... Not to pull a trany, but for quick oil changes.

Two "Pickle Fork" tools are included: The shorter of which is for Ball Joint removal and the other is for removing Steering Rod Ends.

All items are extremely scalable to meet your needs!

So, when its necessary to pull that transmission, hopefully you already own my Two Post Lift Set so you can get your vehicle high enough to use your Transmission Jack under it! And, for when you simply need to do a quickly oil change, use your Deluxe Car Ramps to get the job done in no time!


You will recieve EXPANSION SET III

When its necessary to pull a wheel. First, take your scissors jack out of the trunk, place it under a suspension member, lift point or the frame, attach the handle to the jack and crank your car up. Two, make sure its safe to work under by either downloading the Tiger9166 FREE Jack STAND at Content Paradise or by buying the Textured version that comes as a bonus in the Two Post Lift Set and placing it under a suspension part or the frame. Three, roll on over to the car using your padded mechanics stool (if you'reon the driveway, in your garage or at work). Pop off the hub cap (if there is one). Finally, either hammer the spinner loose (if there is one be sure to hammer it loose, don't over tighten it, or you can use use your star wrench to remove the lug nuts!

EXPANSION SET III comes with the five useful Items to perform this task. (A total of TEN, if you count the brand new and alternate dirty and worn verions!)

Included are:

Functioning* Scissors Jack - Yes, it screws up and it screws down!

Folding Handle for your new or used Scissors Jack. Folds, unfolds and has its x, y and z axis (joints) set for easy posing.

Lead Knock Off Hammer for Wire Wheels or Spin Off hubs.

Star Wrench like are used to use to remove lug nuts to pull off wheels (after the hub caps are off). These allow you to double the force of the standard "provided with a new car" lug wrench. AND, by putting the first two lug nuts you take off in your hand to act like a bearing (hard and smooth not like your sticky skin which it can pinch), once a lug nut is loose, you can simply spin the wrench easily, quickly removing the nut.

Mechanic's Deluxe Padded Roll-Around Stool with a handy tool tray integrated right under the seat.

I hope you will purchase this SUPER BUNDLE and enjoy it!

Tim Machan Tiger9166 copyright 2012 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc.