Gen4 Wings of Darkness


Conforming Demon Wings, which fits the Daz Gen4 series M4 V4 F4 H4 A4 G4 K4 figures. Wings are driven by 3 main dial Flap-Back-Front Flap-Up-Down Twist-Front-Back they are a series of linked morphs and transitions all in one, to give a seamless Flapping motion, Also 4 additional shape morphs Vampire, Evil, Horns-long, Wind. Comes with 6 Mat/INJ which include Leather1, Leather2, Hell, Flame, Lava1, Lava2 both in Poser and Daz Presets. A great start for making your own Demon. Please note they can be fitted to many other Daz figures including the Gen 3 series, as the back has adjustment dials to move wings up/Down and Front/Back. As long as you have the same bone structure.Youtube Previews P2YF6oFkq1Q, _eviSr2_h20, xrjM7e-BHtA