Poser: A Developers Trade Secrets


This set of video tutorials is for the general 3D hobbyist, anybody wanting to get into content creation, or anyone who has been creating content for some time; I bust down the door of secrets and give you the step by step process for using and developing the finer points of content creation and making you a better 3D artist.
You want to separate yourself from everyone else, right? These hidden tips and tricks will do just that. It has taken me 5 years to obtain this information and now I am making it available to you. It matters not if you are just beginning or have been at it for some time, everyone will come away from these videos with new tools that make them a better artist.
Once you see how it’s done and the theory behind it all you can begin to immediately bring these new skills into your own work-flow and start making killer content!

Be sure to take a look at the Product Brochure pdf file, this will give you a little more insight into what's contained within this massive tutorial.

Over 2 hours worth of personalized instruction from these 14 sets of videos.

Also check out the video provided to get an idea of how the tutorials play out.

Some of the programs used include: Poser File Editor, Pose Morph Loader, MorCloth, Binary Morph Editor,and ZBrush.

Topics Covered:
Binary Morph Editor - Pose Injections
XYZ Rotations
Injecting Joint Controlled Morphs
CR2 Code Editing
Injecting Full Body Morphs Into Clothing
Pose Morph Loader
Zbrush Morphs and Layers
Dependent Parameters
Zbrush Sculpting With Masks
Zbrush: Creating Displacement and Normal Maps
Displacement and Normal Maps in Poser
Props Pose Injections
Creating Super Conforming Clothes
Fixing Stacked Morphs
Smart Parented Props
Inherit Bends

Learn now the secrets that make you a better 3d artist and content creator!