Poser 8 Sketch Design - Black & White Styles


Poser 8 Sketch Design - Black & White Styles Elevate your Poser art to a higher level of expression. Sketch Design preset styles allow you to acvhieve a unique and artistic appearance for both still images and animations. These Poser 8 and 9 style sets were designed with a focus on close-ups and portraiture.

There are 4 sets in this series. Black & White is a set of traditional pencil, charcoal, and crayon media simulations. Most Sketch Design styles were created based on actual studio experience with the traditional media or by close observation.
Each set contains 10 Sketch Design Render Styles. A Fire Fly render along with sketch renders of each style are shown in the promo images. Included are the Poser Lights and Cameras that these styles were modeled with, to use as a starting point.

The much improved Poser 8 Sketch Design feature renders the styles over and wrapped around the 3D objects, background, and edges of 3D models simultaneously. Different values can be set for each of these three areas. This results in styles which are superior to the 2D rendering method of image editing programs that apply a style uniformly over a 2D image. These are the only Sketch Design preset styles available anywhere, except those that come with Poser 8 and 9, which includes some of my new styles.

See the Read-Me file included with the presets for info on maximizing your use the styles.
See the Sketch Design render tutorial PDF included with this package. Presented is information and techniques not found in the user's manual.
Download the promo images from this product page as a visual reference to the Sketch Design Preset styles. Unlike the Poser Library, the SD presets are not represented by an icon.

Balck & White Sketch Set:
• BambooBrush_01DA.pzs
• CrayonCoquille_02DA.pzs
• DryBrush_01DA.pzs
• PenHatch_02DA.pzs
• RoughCharcoal_01DA.pzs
• ScratchBoard_02DA.pzs
• SoftCharcoal_01DA.pzs
• WaxCrayon_01DA.pzs
• WhiteChalk_01DA.pzs
• WhiteChalkAsphalt_01DA.pzs