Batch Material Convert


You don't have to party like it's 1999...

Quickly Convert all your old (or new) Poser MAT Poses to Material Collection files with Batch Material Convert!

Batch Material Convert is primarily designed to convert multiple "Poser 4 Style" MAT Poses (pz2) to Material Collections (mc6).  It can also go the other way and convert Material Files (mt5 and mc6) to figure MAT Poses.  When converting, you have the choice of retaining the old MAT Poses or removing those that have been converted.

This is an advanced organizational tool for Poser Artists and Content Creators.

It is perfect for those that primarily use Poser and want their Material Files to be kept in the Materials library rather than everything stuck in the Poses folder.

It is also a great utility for folks who want to quickly duplicate their MAT Poses into Material Files (or the other way around).

Core Features:
  • Converts any number of MAT Poses to Material Collections at one time with support for sub-folders.
  • Intelligently only converts Poses that are material-based.  In other words, standard Pose files and "utility" files, such as Injection Poses, are left untouched.
  • Recreates the directory structure from the source folder when converting, retaining MAT Pose sub-folders.
  • Has the option of producing converted material files while leaving the original MAT Poses intact.  This is called "Convert (Copy)".
  • Has the option of producing converted material files and removing the original MAT Poses.  This is called "Convert (Move)".
  • Will convert prop MAT Poses ("actor" declaration) to true Material Collections.
  • Provides a Confirmation Dialog that asks if you wish to Overwrite Existing Files Before Converting, which can be turned off in the Utility's options.
  • Cleans up by removing any empty folders.
  • The Conversion "Mode" can be switched to "Material to Pose" instead of "Pose to Material", however it's somewhat limited.  This allows you to convert Material Collections and single Material Files (mt5) to MAT Poses.  Similar features, above, are retained (Intelligent Conversion, Directory Structure, Copy or Move).  It must be expressed that the "Pose to Material" conversion is not as robust due the fact that MAT Poses often have to written specifically for figures or for props (including prop hair).  This utility creates "figure" based MAT Poses by default but there is a choice, on a per-run basis to create Figure or Prop MAT Poses.  It is highly recommended that you use a very small source when converting to MAT Poses, such as a single folder.
  • Plenty of Real-Time Feedback during the Conversion Process.  Folders Processed and overall Status are shown as the utility converts.
  • The ability to produce organized, human-readable lists of Files Copied and Files Skipped.
  • Source and Destination Folders are remembered (per Conversion Mode) between sessions after successful conversions.
  • Thumbnails are copied (or moved) during the conversion process.
  • XMP Sidecar files are copied (or moved) during the conversion process.
  • Optionally supports copying .psd files (for developers).
  • When converting, Material Collections are written for Poser version 6MAT Poses are written for Poser 4.01.
  • Utility is suitable for use with Poser 8 and higher.  Though lower versions of Poser are not supported, the resulting conversions are.
  • Detailed Readme and Help Text Files are included!
  • When performing Material File to MAT Pose conversions, Batch Material Convert cannot determine the type of object that a MAT Pose is designed for.  MAT Poses are very strict compared to Material Collections, which are far more flexible.  Therefore, it writes "figure" based MAT Poses by default, suitable for Figures and Conforming Clothing.  You can choose for it to create Prop based Poses instead.
  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to work with folders OUTSIDE of Windows' Program Files structure, even if you must copy your Material and Poses libraries to self-designated temporary folders and move the results afterwards.
  • It is also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to copy your Material and Poses libraries to self-designated temporary folders if you are using "Convert (Move)", which removes the original MAT Poses that have been converted.
  • This utility is NOT SUITABLE for use with Remote Drives.
  • This utility is NOT RECOMMENDED for use with Removable Drives.  Use at your own risk!
  • Compressed Files (.p2z, .mz5 and .mcz) are not supported.
  • Be wary of having file managers open while using this utility, especially those with tabbed features.  They can easily lock files and folders from being manipulated.  That being said, Mac Finder, Windows Explorer (without plug-ins or add-ons) and Poser's own Library should be fine as long as they are not "parked" in the folder structure being converted from or to.
  • Be sure you have enough free space on your drive before attempting to make any conversions.  An easy way to check in Windows is to right-click the folder containing the files you wish to convert, selecting "Properties" and looking at "Size".  As a rule of thumb, you want at least this amount of extra free space available.  Free Space is also found by right-clicking your drive and selecting "Properties".