XXL - Python Bundle for Poser


The XXL bundle includes 4 Python scripts to facilitate the workflow in Poser 8 and up.

  • XL is an advanced library system for easy navigating and loading Poser content.
  • XA is a freely configurable tool bar to quickly access menu commands and favorite Poser content.
  • XO is an object and hierarchy manager to enhance the control over the scene elements.
  • XS is a material and shader manager for working conveniently in the material room.

XL - eXtended Library is easy and quick to navigate thanks to its separate folder tree and file list. You can load and save all kinds of Poser content based on the well-known library structure with figures, props, poses, materials and so on. The tree displays a single library type for a single runtime to prevent too large and confusing structures. Switching between runtimes and libraries is done by selecting either one or both of them. By defining your own favorite folders, you can quickly switch to the folders you use most often. Cross-links can be defined to link related content folders, e.g. a clothing figure and its materials. The search feature allows to search for content in one or several runtimes.

XA - eXtended Access allows to access commands from the Poser menu and your favorite Poser content quickly in a tool bar. Tool bar buttons can be arranged any way you like, horizonally or vertically, in one or several rows or columns. Also, buttons can be grouped in sub-menus that are opened from the tool bar. Buttons can use any image file or just text, included is a set of predefined images for typical actions. Select your own button size for the tool bar as well as for each sub-menu.

XO - eXtended Object Manager improves the way to work with the elements of a Poser scene. In the tree, all elements like figures, actors, props, lights, and cameras are listed. There are two alternate views, a hierarchical view and a list view grouped by element types. Parenting, conforming, and renaming can be done directly in the tree. Each element displays the current state like visibility in scene and render or the light type and allows direct modification of the state with the state icon. State changes can be done for a single element or for several selected objects at once.

XS - eXtended Shader Manager improves the way to work with the materials in a Poser scene. It lists all figures and props, materials, and shader nodes in a tree to select one or multiple to modify. There are several ways to locate and select materials and shaders in the tree, either by name or by type, optionally restricted to selected objects or materials. With XS, you can copy complete or partial materials, single nodes, or all materials of an object. Several set-up tools assist in creating typical material settings like overlays, raytraced reflection and refraction, translucency, ambient occlusion, or toon materials. Overlays are masked textures e.g. for makeup, tattoos, or second skin clothing. The tool for reflection and refraction includes a fresnel effect for complex materials like glass or car paint. The toon set-up creates the toon node either with new colors or by reusing the current texture for the diffuse color. In additon, a glossy node can be added for toon-like specular highlights.

XL Features:

  • Quick and easy to navigate library system for Poser 8, Poser Pro 2010, Poser 9, and Poser Pro 2012
  • Separate folder tree and file list, both with context menus
  • Horizontal or vertical split between folder tree and file list
  • Optionally include folders in file list
  • Define your own favorite folders and cross-links for quick access
  • Menu to select figure, object, or material in scene
  • Load and save any kind of Poser content
  • Import DAZ Studio content (requires DSON Importer for Poser; works without Poser companion files)
  • Advanced features to load content:
    • Load / apply several files at once
    • Conform loaded figures directly to the selected figure in the scene
    • Optionally add deformers (magnetize) when loading conforming clothes
    • Optionally set morph values as in figure when loading conforming clothes
    • Select target for conforming figures, parented props, poses, hands, expressions, and material collections in library
    • Select one or several materials of current object in library when loading single materials
  • Advanced save for pose with selection of actors and parameter types
  • Search in runtime folders
  • Show metadata
  • Selectable thumbnail size from 16x16 to 256x256 (default: 91x91)
  • Note: Due to limitations in Poser Python, there are less options when saving content to the library.
  • Note: Only PNG thumbnails are shown, no RSR thumbnails.

XA Features:

  • Tool bar for Poser 8, Poser Pro 2010, Poser 9, and Poser Pro 2012
  • Freely configurable buttons and layout:
    • Can be placed anywhere (e.g. on the unused space right of the room tabs)
    • Horizontal or vertical layout, one or several columns/rows
    • Sub-menus to organize larger sets of favorites
    • Configuration can be modified easily by editing and moving buttons
    • Button size from 8 to 256 pixel
    • Buttons may be text only, image only, or image with text
    • Any image can be used for the buttons
    • 44 predefined images (48x48) for typical tool bar commands
  • Quick access to menu and content:
    • All Poser menu commands
    • Load, apply, or run any Poser content including scenes, render presets, and Python scripts
    • Batch mode to assemble complete sets from several Poser content files

XO Features:

  • Object and hierarchy manager for Poser 8, Poser Pro 2010, Poser 9, and Poser Pro 2012
  • Modify any number of objects or parameters at once
  • Create basic objects: groupings, deformers, lights, cameras
  • Tree with scene elements:
    • Figures, actors, props, lights, cameras, deformers
    • Filter by element type
    • Hierarchical view or list grouped by element type
    • Change parent or conform target by drag'n'drop
    • Edit element names
    • Search for element name
  • Icons in tree to display and modify state of basic properties:
    • Display style in scene
    • Visibility in scene, render, shadows, and raytracing
    • Smoothing of polygons
    • Bending of actors
    • Conforming of figures
    • Light and shadow on/off
    • light and shadow type
    • Ambient Occlusion
    • IK On/Off
  • Features applicable to several elements:
    • Delete (optionally, include children and/or conformed figures)
    • Conform
    • Figure symmetry
    • Add deformers
    • Parent or unparent
    • Lock or unlock actors
    • Memorize or restore
    • Reset values by parameter type
    • Copy values from other actor or figure
    • Point at
    • Collision detection on/off
    • Set or modify crease angle, shading rate, and displacement bounds
  • Light manager:
    • Modify all or selected lights at once
    • Set or modify light parameters
  • Parameter manager:
    • Modify selected scene elements at once
    • Set or modify parameters
    • Show or hide parameter dials
  • Numerical values can be set or calculated by addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or rounding

XS Features:

  • Material and shader manager for Poser 8, Poser Pro 2010, Poser 9, and Poser Pro 2012
  • Modify any number of materials or shader nodes at once
  • Tree with all objects/lights, materials, and shader nodes
    • Separate modes for objects and lights
    • Select object or material in scene and material room
    • Select any number of objects, materials, or nodes for modifications
    • Quick selection by name or type
    • Search for objects, materials, and/or nodes in tree
    • Rename or delete shader nodes
  • Copy/paste
    • Copy all materials from one object
    • Copy single materials or shader nodes
    • Paste complete material or node
    • Paste selected values and/or connected nodes only
    • Paste values only
    • Paste without changing maps
  • Set-up tools:
    • Overlay: add masked overlays
    • Reflect/Refract/Fresnel: add or modify raytraced reflections and or refrections
    • Translucent: set or modify translucence
    • AO: add or modify ambient occlusion
    • Toon: convert material into toon material
  • Utilities:
    • Replace Maps: replace maps by other image files
    • Refresh: update material in preview
    • Reset: reset material to several kinds of basic materials
    • Clean Up: remove unconnected nodes
    • Fix Bump: connect bum/bump files to gradient bump and image files to bump
    • Toon ID: assign a new unique toon id
  • Presets can be saved for tools and selections