PoseWriter Panel


Poser 9 and Pro 2012 users need not purchase this product. Currently it is identical to the version that comes with Poser

Create Full or Partial Pose Files with Rotation, Translation, Scale and/or Morph Values quickly and easily with PoseWriter Panel, the dockable Python Panel for Poser 8 and Poser Pro 2010.  It is a perfect writing tool for figures but also works with object-based props; such as hair, smart-props and stand alone objects.

Not only can PoseWriter Panel quickly and easily create Poses, but it can be your Posing Assistant when working with figures and props in the Scene.

PoseWriter Panel features an easy to use and select Parts List of available body parts (or a singular entry for props).  Only what you select is affected or written as a Pose File.  The list changes in "real time" as you select figures or objects in the Scene.

The script also allows you to make Pre-Selections with one click when working with figures, choosing none, all, the right side, left side, right hand, left hand, right foot or left foot.  With the exception of "none", selections will all add to any parts currently selected.

You can easily copy poses from one figure to another, either fully or partially.

You can zero out rotations and translation dials and set scales to 100% for any parts selected in the script's Parts List.  You can even do these all at once.  Furthermore, fine control is also included, allowing you to zero only the X, Y or Z-Axis of part rotations.

You can apply Symmetry and Mirroring functions easily and intelligently.  If you select the right parts of a figure, you can mirror that to the left.  If you select both sides, you can flip those symmetrically (along the Y-Axis).  You can select the whole figure and flip it or combine mirroring and flipping through various selections.

It also features a "smart" Templates feature that allows you to save and load your selections, quick pre-selecting of the center, right or left side of a figure.

PoseWriter Panel also remembers the last 10 folders you worked with when saving poses and you can easily switch back and forth between them.  You can browse to the current save folder with a single click.

This script is also highly customizable, allowing you to select colors of various elements to match your own style and to make it as intergrated or stand out as you'd like.  You can even change the height of the Parts List, from approximately 4 to 36 entries.  Some colors cannot be altered on the Mac, due to the enforcement of "common controls".


* In-Poser Python Script Utility as a compact, dockable UI Panel.  Quickly drag and select multiple body parts (in the case of figures), control-click to add or remove individual parts.  FAST compared to clicking on checkboxes.
* Selection title and available parts change immediately as you select figures or props in the scene!
* Writes traditional Pose Files (Rotation Values) but can also write Scale, Translate and Morphs information.  The script remembers the last folder selected for future saves.
* Create partial poses or full poses as you'd like.  You can even save out existing poses as your own collection of partial poses!  Your only limit is your imagination.  Includes a text-based ignore list that you can edit to always omit certain parts from showing and writing out as poses.
* You can write Pose Files for figures, smart props, hair and regular props (require a figure to be in the scene to for those to load properly).
* PoseWriter Panel writes "quick" thumbnails by default.  You can elect to also create rendered thumbnails for your Pose Files, either on-command or always (via a selectable feature).  You also have the option to temporarily turn off thumbnail writing, period!
* You can enforce a Confirmation Dialog so that your old Pose Files don't get overwritten.
* Allows you to enter the name of the Pose File, which is saved between sessions.
* You can double-click on the Parts List to select all parts.  Double-clicking in a blank space outside of the list de-selects all parts.
* In the Parts List, you can Copy as many parts as you'd like and Paste them to one or more similar figures in the scene.  Similar in this case means the identical body part names.
* PoseWriter Panel allows you to make pre-selections in the Parts List when working with figures.  It can intelligently select the right side, left side, center, right hand, left hand, right foot and left foot.  You can also select all or none.
* The script allows you to "zero out" the rotation, translate or scale for any part selected in the Parts List.  You can also fine-tune rotation "zero" along the X, Y or Z-Axis, specifically.
* The default version number for Pose Files is 6 but this can be easily changed and remembered by the script.
* You can Load and Save Selection Templates.  These allow you to define certain parts to be be auto-selected in the Parts List.  This is conveniently displayed as a dropdown list for quick application.  Selection Templates are saved smartly and keyed to the figure's geometry file.  That way, you could (for example) save a template for both Victoria 4 and Miki 2, call them both the same thing and they each retain the parts you selected specifically for that model.
* PoseWriter Panel remembers the last 10 folders you used and it does check to make sure folders haven't been removed since you last accessed the list, in which case it removes those entries.  You can quickly switch to previously used folders with a single-click.  * You can also browse to the current folder in a single-click (opens Windows Explorer or Mac Finder).
* A Status Line at the bottom of the Panel reminds you of certain actions the script has previously taken, such as writing a Material File or applying a setting.
* You can define the colours of the text and background of many of the elements in the panel, which is saved between sessions, to add your own touches or flair.  You can also change the height of the Parts List.
* PoseWriter Panel comes with a detailed guide in PDF format