Product Description: A sleazy motel room low poly count. Scaled for Poser. UV mapped, all textures included, transparency maps for lamps, and reflection map for the mirror. 2 Chairs, (1 with a cushion), Bed, table, table lamp, hanging lamp, the room,AC unit, picture, mirror, blinds, door, Bathroom is empty. This works in Poser 7, Poser 8, and Poser Pro 2010.(Tested in all 3.) To set the camera in Poser go to top view. In Main Camera properties make visible. Move the camera to where you want it in the room(inside the walls). In Parameters set the Focal to 13 mm. To set up the reflection for the mirror: In the material room: Go to mirror: reflection color new node: Lighting, raytrace, reflection. In that node open new node, 2D Textures, image map load: MirrorReflect.jpg. That's it. Put a Point light(shadows at 0.500) in the middle of the room and render. Also you can put point lights in the Lamps. Use the included transparency map for the Table Lamp make the shade transparent. Use the glass trans .jpg for the Hanging Lamp globe. Have fun.