RT_ImportAnimation: Import animation from an anme file as an action


A long requested feature for Anime Studio is to be able to import animations from other anme files. This script makes it possible to do just that!

New in version 1.2: RT_ImportAnimation now supports bone animation in Switch layers.

New in version 1.1: RT_ImportAnimation now supports all additional animation channels added in Anime Studio 7 and 8.

You simply select a layer anywhere in the hierarchy, run the script, and then select the anme file you want to import the animation from. The animation will then be recursively imported from the corresponding layer in the anme file to an action (Document.MainTimeline) in the currently selected layer.

While the source anme file does not have to be completely structurally identical to the currently loaded anme file, it must at least be derived from it. Here is a list of rules that need to be followed:

1. The currently selected layer has to exist with the same depth and layer order in the source anme file.

2. While layer names have to be unique between sibling layers, it's fine if there are duplicate layer names between other levels of the hierarchy.

3. The script is based on object order, not names, so names of bones, shapes, layers, etc do not have to match between the currently loaded document and the source anme file.

4. The currently loaded document can have additional points, bones, shapes, layers etc, that are not in the source anme file, but not the other way around (as long as the extra objects do not affect the object order).

5. Similar to 4, the source anme file can have have a shorter hierarchy depth than the current document, but not the other way around. This can be useful if you had an anme file with just an animated skeleton layer and you wanted to transfer it's animation to a fully rigged character.

To install the script, simply unzip to the Anime Studio Pro top-level installation folder.