Indoor Pool Set


The Indoor Pool Set (for Poser)
The Indoor Pool Set replicates an elegant indoor swimming pool and spa area set in a complete building model. The set is designed to be as lightweight as possible and features many of its elements made as separate props. Only use the elements that you need for your scene. Separate, removable ceiling and front wall props make it easy to set up and navigate your scene.

Although designed to be an indoor set for Poser, the building has sufficient exterior details to serve as an outdoor prop set as well.

Efficient and functional the Indoor Pool Set is easy to useand a real value for the price - it will perform well for any of your poolside renders!

The Indoor Pool Set has been tested to work with every version of Poser. It is recommended however that you uncheck 'Smooth Polygons' when rendering in Poser 5 or Poser 6.

The complete set is as follows:
  • !Base - the main pool room and spa area.
  • !Ceiling - a separate ceiling prop.
  • !DoorLeft - left door located on the front wall.
  • !DoorRight - right door located on the front wall.
  • !FrontWall - a separate wall prop to close off the set.
  • !Walkway - a stone walkway that surrounds the indoor pool.
  • Bench - a cushioned bench model.
  • DivingBoard - a diving board that can be positioned as needed.
  • Ladder - a pool ladder that can positioned as needed.
  • Vase 1 - a dark marble architectural vase.
  • Vase 2 - a light marble architectural vase.

    Everything comes as Poser Ready props that can be loaded from the category menu or for even easier use - just load the included PZ3 file which has all of the props loaded with a default lighting and camera scheme.

    The Indoor Pool also comes with 10 camera presets and 2 lighting presets for easy scene creation.

    All of the props are completely modular and can be used separately or with other sets for maximum use and enjoyment.

    The Indoor Pool comes with high resolution textures that look great from a distance or at extreme close up renders.