ASPWrap: A Python wrapper script for Anime Studio Pro's command-line renderer


ASPWrap is an external wrapper script for Anime Studio Pro's command-line renderer. It's main purpose is to add extra options that are not natively supported by Anime Studio Pro to expand it's capabilities.

  • ASPWrap now comes with a GUI in the form of a menu script, rt_aspwrap_gui.lua, so it can be used from right inside Anime Studio (New in version 1.1).

  • It is now possible to tell ASPWrap to execute a custom Python script using the -output_script option. This lets you perform multiple render passes with ASPWrap on the same anme file and possibly combine them into a single render (New in version 1.1).

    For example, the download package comes with a sample ASPWrap script,, which allows you to separately render all layers in an anme file.

  • The main new option is '-s', which lets you specify a startup script that can have other command-line options passed to it.

    For example, the download package comes with a sample script, selective_render.lua, which allows you to only render selected layers and/or actions in your anme file.

    python "c:\Program Files (x86)\Anime Studio Pro 7\ASPWrap.pyo" -r selective_render_test.anme -s selective_render.lua -show_only_layers "Layer 1" -action "Scene 1"
    For all of the options supported by this startup script, see the header at the top of the file.

  • All of the standard Anime Studio Pro options are also supported and can be displayed using the '-h' option.

Additional Info

Note that ASPWrap doesn't contain any executables from Anime Studio Pro, so this software must already be installed on your system for ASPWrap to work. It is a compiled Python script meaning that it will run on any OS that has Python installed. At the moment, only Python versions 2.6 an 2.7 are supported. They can be obtained from
Note that you may have to add the Python installation directory to your system PATH variable after installation.

Once Python has been installed, simply drop the compiled pyo file into your root Anime Studio Pro installation folder and the startup script in your anme file folder and you're good to go!

NB Starting from version 1.2, ASPWrap supports both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.