ZULULA Voodoo Queen


ZULULA Voodoo Queen

This African Queen will put a spell on you!

She is an expert in voodoo and magic love potions. She is sensual but dangerous. Her dark skin is covered in ritual art, symbols of arcane sorcery.

Included in this package you will find:

- INJ Body

- INJ Head

- REM Body

- REM Head

- MAT file for total body and face

- 1 MAT Arms without symbols

- 4 MAT Arms with tribalic symbols

- 1 MAT Body without symbols

- 6 MAT Body with tribalic symbols

- 1 MAT Legs without symbols

- 2 MAT Legs with tribalic symbols

- 1 MAT Face without symbols

- 6 MAT Face with tribalic symbols

- 6 MAT for eyes

and, as an extra:


- 2 Crowns

- 2 Sets of earrings

ZULULA Voodoo Queen was modeled with very detailed care. High detailed textures included with bump maps and specular to give to this character an extremely accurate and realistic look.

Important note:

Poses,clothes,hair NOT included in this package.