WICKED BRAT is a new series of very bad children from Tempesta3d, with lots of options for a special price.

Born from the fantasy of the three little demons of Tempesta because there is a bit of wickedness in all of us but it must be expressed with humor and fun.

Elvy is a wicked witch that will cast a spell in all of your renders!

She loves cats and big hats but be careful... She will make your Halloween Pumpkin Pie disappear!!! :)

Elvy comes with a huge ammount of extras and options to help your fantasy go wild:

- INJ Elvy
- REM Elvy
- MAT Elvy
- 5 MAT Face
- 5 MAT Lips
- 5 MAT Eyes
- 4 MAT Nails
- 1 MAT Body Natural
- 2 MAT Body Tattoos
- 1 MAT Limbs Natural
- 2 MAT Limbs Tattoo

PLUS a conforming cloth that comes with six MAT files

PLUS a set of smart props:

- 6 Witch Hats - 7 Necklces

PLUS a broom, in case she will need to fly.

Kitty cat not included.

As usual, high detailed textures included with bump maps and specular to give to this character an extremely accurate and realistic look.