Samael for Michael 4



The bad boys of Tempesta3d are proud to present our latest creation:

SAMAEL is a -Hell of a guy-.
He is the Prince of the Demons, the Angel of Death.

Some people believe that it was Samael who tempted Eve in the guise of the Serpent, like the ones that are in his tattoos.
His eyes are magnetic yet they can dig deeply into your soul, his body is powerful like everything else in him, his horns make him a dangerous foe.
Magic symbols cover his skin like a shroud.

He is scary and attractive like every sin.

Included in this package you will find:

- HEAD 1 INJ (the basic one)
- HEAD 2 INJ (custom morphs)
- MAT file for total body and face
- 1 MAT for arms without tattoos
- 2 MAT for tattoed arms
- 1 MAT for ears without tattoos
- 1 MAT for ears with tattoos
- 3 different bearded faces
- 2 MAT for tattoed face
- 1 MAT torso without tattoos
- 8 MAT torso with tattoos
- 7 MAT for eye colors
- MAT for the genitals

As usual we like to throw in our packages a lot of stuff you can play with. SAMAEL comes with A HELL of a lot of EXTRAS:

- 5 LIGHTS perfect to give him a very sinful look
- 2 HORNS crafted in ZBRUSH and ready as smart props


- 3 forehead rings
- 4 ears rings
- 1 nose ring

SAMAEL was modeled with very detailed care. You'll find two INJ for his head, one with dials and one custom morph to give him a more creepy look.
High detailed textures included with bump maps and specular to give to this character an extremely accurate and realistic look.

Important note: Poses, clothes, props, backgrounds NOT included in this package.

Backgrounds by the amazing artist Schonee, M4 Biker pants and freebie skull NOT INCLUDED, used only in the promo images.

In order to work you will have to own Poser any version, M4 and morphs++, a PC

If you want to make SAMAEL more big and scary you can select HEROIC MODEL under FIGURE/FIGURE HEIGHT. Be careful because this can lead to distortion when the character is posed, but it makes one Hell (pun intended LOL) of a scary guy!!! IT can be good for example if used for a frontal face shot.