WICKED BRAT - Demonella


WICKED BRAT is a new series of very bad children from Tempesta3d, with lots of options for a special price.

Born from the fantasy of the three little demons of Tempesta because there is a bit of wickedness in all of us but it must be expressed with humor and fun.

Demonella will take your heart..... And play with it like a baseball!!!!!! :)

This little devil will make Barbie need an exorcist. Demonella is cute and crazy, she is even allowed to play with matches!

Demonella comes with a huge ammount of extras and options to help your fantasy go wild:

- INJ Demonella
- REM Demonella
- MAT Demonella
- 3 MAT Face
- 3 MAT Lips
- 3 MAT Eyes
- 3 MAT Lashes
- 1 MAT Body Natural
- 3 MAT Body Tattoos
- 1 MAT Limbs Natural
- 1 MAT Limbs Tattoo
- 5 MAT Gloved Arms that fit with the clothes color

PLUS a set of conforming clothes which includes a top and a skirt. Those two articles of clothing come with several MAT files:

- 8 MAT files for the skirt

- 7 MAT files for the top

PLUS five facial expressions that will ONLY work with the Demonella morphs, included also a zeroed face.

PLUS a set of earrings and three horns saved as smart props.

Watch out when using Demonella in your renders: she could steal your cookies while you aren't looking!!! ;)

As usual, high detailed textures included with bump maps and specular to give to this character an extremely accurate and realistic look.