Radu for Michael 3


Radu by Tempesta3d

He walks in the shadow of the night.
Radu is the perfect vampire in all his forms: from the moment of the first bite that transformed him until his many horrible deaths either by stake or burned by a cross,
he is the ultimate night predator.
Just by an easy click of your mouse you can see him change from innocent victim to the most dangerous and fearsome of the Vampires.
He is sensual and mysterious, with a magnetic look that seduces and kills.

The Tempesta3d Team is proud to present one of the most scary packs ever made for Michael3.

Let Radu sink his teeth into your renders!



- Radu INJ - REM
- 4 MAT for 4 different aspects: normal, two different veins, burned by a cross
- 9 MAT eyes
- 7 MAT for 7 different faces
- 2 MAT for teeth: normal and blood
- 2 MAT for two different neck bites
- 6 MAT for different stabbed chest looks
- 1 MAT for the genitals

Included in this mega-pack you will find also the perfect set for vampire slaying:

- 1 wooden stake
- 1 wooden cross

Needed Files:

- M3 with Morphs


Installation Instructions:

Unzip this archive to your Poser directory. This will ensure that all of the
files are placed in the correct directories within your Poser Runtime directory


Usage Tips:

- Load M3 into your scene and inject all the morphs for head and body. Now apply the Radu INJ pose to create the character.


Thank you for choosing one of the Tempesta3d creations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The hair used in these promo images is NOT included in this package.