AA Jasmine for Victoria 4


Jasmine: This exotic young woman will enchant you with her beauty and cunning. She is well-trained in combat skills but is equally comfortable in upper class functions. Whether a spy, a secret agent or a leading lady, Jasmine is sure to bring a bit of spice to your next render.

V4 Jasmine is a hand-sculpted head morph for Victoria 4 and part of a series of Morph Collectibles. Collect them all!

This head morph was meticulously hand-crafted for realism and to achieve Jasmine's distinctive beauty. She is truly one-of-a-kind!

Since no textures are included, you get this unique head morph for a fraction of the cost of a full character package.

Jasmine is shown with textures from V4 Katerina (sold separately at Content Paradise -, but you can use any textures you like with this gorgeous gal.


1 Hand-Sculpted Head Morph (no other morph packages are required)