AA Sarah for Victoria 4
Ends on Jan 29 2018


Sarah: Fresh faced and adorable. Sarah is a young woman who looks beautiful in Old World, medieval or prairie scenes ... or hip and modern in contemporary renders. This versatile, charming young girl will breathe new life into your runtime!

V4 Sarah is a hand-sculpted head morph for Victoria 4 and part of a series of Morph Collectibles. Collect them all!

This head morph was meticulously hand-crafted for realism and to achieve Sarah's distinctive beauty. She is truly one-of-a-kind!

Since no textures are included, you get this unique head morph for a fraction of the cost of a full character package.

Sarah is shown with textures from V4 Katerina (sold separately at Content Paradise -, but you can use any textures you like with this gorgeous gal.


1 Hand-Sculpted Head Morph (no other morph packages are required)