Manga Studio Power Templates Super Hero Poses


Get a Jump Start With Power Templates!

If you're not a professional artist, take advantage of Manga Studio Power Templates and join the Manga revolution! Power Templates provide reference figures and poses, giving beginners and aspiring artists a solid foundation for drawing their own comic characters. Simply import a pose into Manga Studio and trace over it to create your own character - it's just like tracing paper!

With these Power Templates as your reference material, you can sketch your hero or heroine in a wide variety of positions quickly and easily.This Manga Studio Power Templates pack consists of 100 reference images of super hero action poses and 25 cityscape images.

Focus on your story and improve your drawing skills. Select your JPG pose, flip or rotate it to fit your page layout and style, trace sketch your outline, add hair, costumes and background, and move to your next scene. Power Templates get you there faster.