Jala of the Jungle for V4


She is a huntress who is like the wild animals that are her prey.

Jala is a Jungle Queen whose heart cannot be temed.

Created to express action, sensuality and instinct, Jala would fit perfectly in every render with attitude!

Included in this package you will find lots of options to play with:

- INJ Jala
- REM Jala
- MAT Body and Face
- 1 MAT Arms no tattoo
- 1 MAT Arms with tattoo
- 5 eye colors
- 1 MAT Torso no tattoo
- 1 MAT Torso with tattoo
- 5 MAT glossy lips
- 5 MAT Make-Up
- 5 MAT Nails

Plus 12 smart props:

- 8 sets of bracelets
- 3 collars
- 3 pairs of earrings

High detailed textures included with bump maps and specular to give to this character an extremely accurate and realistic look.