Figure 360 Lite for Poser 7/6/Pro


While working as a consultant/animator providing custom animation on a project my client complained that the animations I sent to him (in bvh and pz2 file format) weren't applying to the Professor (Gramps from 3D Universe) in the animation correctly. The client really wanted to use this character. After a few nervous e-mails back and forth I realized that the Figure's arms and legs (as well as other body parts) had limited range of motion so I created a script that would unlock the full potential of the character. Below are the results:

Content Creators sometimes create their Figures with realistic rotation and translation limits based off of the human body. This can cause problems when using BVH and PZ2 files which require a greater range of movement. That's where my script comes in. Figure 360 Lite sets the minumum and maximum Values for a Figure's Actor Parameters. This allows for full rotation and translation of the entire figure allowing smooth animation using pz3 and bvh files. I hope that this is a useful tool. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me anytime.