Grizzly + Kodiak Bears by Alessandro Mastronardi


Highly detailed models of Grizzly and Kodiak bears, featuring real fur (based on Poser dynamic hair engine) and several poses and morphs that will allow to replicate all bear behaviors. The "Grizzly->Kodiak" morph will even allow to create both bear subspecies (Grizzly and Kodiak bears have the same anatomic structure, with Kodiak being slightly larger, with more bulky hip and rear legs, more pronounced parietal and frontal lobes) and generate an anatomic degree of diversity just acting on the morph dial. There are 4 fur color schemes available: reddish, brown, dark brown and grizzled, all easily applicable from the Python script Window. Also fur density is adjustable the same way.

Note for Poser 7, Poser 8 users: I designed this character to take full advantage of Poser Pro versions. Even so, I successfully rendered this character also on non-Pro versions, but due to the high resources needed to render the fur, you will have to experiment what level of fur density is supported on your system. On mine (XP Pro 32bit, 3GB RAM, Intel Core2 Duo), I found out that a density of 30000 was the highest limit allowed from the FireFly engine to complete renders with a decent quality and no crash errors. To see a comparison between a standard fur density (350000) and a reduced fur density of only 10000, see this screenshot:
As you can see even with a value of only 10000 the overall result is quite good. Remember also to use depth map shadows with a map size not too high (256-512MB).