Kunga for V4


"Kunga" is an original custom INJ head morph for the Daz V4 model. Carefully sculpted by the artist from a female of African descent to produce a believable and lifelike likeness. "Kunga" is provided with high resolution textures (including bump and specular) and shaders of the artist's own composition, resulting in photorealism of a high standard. Textures may be applied from the MAT pose files or from the Materials files. This set combines head, neck, brow and jaw morphs but does not include body morphs. Textures are anatomically correct.

Because Kunga is a completly original morph, you do not need to own Daz++ or any other morphs to use this in your renders, although it may be mixed and blended with such morphs if you so desire. After loading the INJ morph the Kunga head morph dial will be found at the bottom of the Parameters tab for 'Head' under the Community tab (preset at 1.000).

Above images have no postwork, other than composition, and were rendered in poser7 using the p4 engine. When viewed full size (click until 800x800), they are at the dimensions originally rendered.

Tested in Poser7 and 8 under Windows.