It Talks! Phoneme Morphs Eepo


Finally, Eepo (by Nursoda) can express herself through language with Morphman's first phoneme pack in the ItTalks! Phoneme Morphs series.

This pack includes 10 Phoneme Morphs designed to give Eepo that final realistic touch, the power of speech. Just follow these easy steps:

  • start a new poser scene
  • import Eepo from your figure library
  • use Eepo's "closed" morph to close her eyelids
  • goto Object -> Spawn Morph Target menu and name the new morph "Blink"
  • run the ItTalks!_Eepo Script
  • run the Talk Designer Assistant for Poser 8/Pro plug-in from Anakele Vision and Design (sold seperately) to create Eepo's new Visememap
  • Run Poser's Talk Designer
  • Run Eepo_Step2 Script
  • render your new animation!

* Talk Designer Assistant for Poser 8 is required to create Viseme map for this character