Lil Sis Kaly for V4


She is beautiful and bad, sexy and sensual.

Tempesta3d is about to go gangsta again with Lil Sis Kaly. She is very versatile and she will feel at home on the streets of any Poser renders.

Her skin is dark and silky, her lips are glossy and kissable but her temper is hotter than she is!

She comes with lots of goodies: a belly piercing, three sets of bras, collars and panties plus earrings, all of which with the dolla symbol.

Kaly is perfect also in fantasy scenes or romantic evenings, all you need is your fantasy!

Included in this package you will find lots of options to play with:

- INJ Kaly
- REM Kaly
- MAT Body and Face
- 1 MAT Arms no tattoo
- 2 MAT Arms with tattoo
- 5 eye colors
- 1 MAT Hands no tattoo
- 2 MAT Hands with tattoo
- 1 MAT Neck no tattoo
- 2 MAT Neck tatto
- 1 MAT Torso no tattoo
- 3 MAT Torso with tattoo
- 5 MAT glossy lips
- 5 MAT Make-Up
- 3 MAT Nails

Plus 12 smart props:

- 2 earrings for each ear
- 1 belly piercing
- 3 collars
- 3 bras
- 3 panties

High detailed textures included with bump maps and specular to give to this character an extremely accurate and realistic look.

Lil Sis Kaly will bust a cap into your renders!