Toon Gramps update for Talk Designer Assistant


THIS UPDATE TO STEPS 1 and 2 ONLY WORK WITH TALK DESIGNER ASSISTANT AND 3D UNIVERSE'S TOON GRAMPS. Please use the Step 1(TDA!Gramps_Step1) and Step 2(TDA!Gramps_Step1) scripts found in the Poser 8 Scripts ->Anakele Vision and Design submenu instead of the M4/V4 Step 1 and Step 2 found in Talk Designer Assistant's Edit menu.
* please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a motion capture system with i7-930 computer

Here are the steps you should take in order to not have to go through all of the steps everytime you want a new talking animation with Toon Gramps:

Add Gramps to scene
create "Blink" morph
run "TDA_!Gramps_Step1"
save the new Gramps figure back to your Figure Library.

Now every time you want a new talk animation just load the new gramps, run Talk Designer Assistant, export the new gramps viseme file, run talk designer, and finally run "TDA_!Gramps_Step2". Unfortunately every time you want a new talking animation you will have to reload the new Gramps. This is an issue with Poser and the fact that you can no longer reinitialize python.