Cloth Room Assistant for Poser 8


Cloth Room Assistant for Poser 8 provides Poser 8 users with access to the never before seen Cloth Room parameters: Use Edge Springs, Spring Resistance, UV Bend Rate, Friction Velocity Cutoff. Cloth room comes with 6 Preset Dynamic Control Parameter sets including "Light Silk", "Heavy Silk", "Light Wool", "Heavy Wool", "Denim", and "Rubber". It can be tedious inputting the same parameters for different simulations. Now you can create multiple simulations manually or import saved Dynamic Control Parameters from previous simulations adding a much needed boost to an already powerful Cloth Room. *Cloth Room Assistant for Poser 8 is currently only available for Poser 8. A version compatible with Poser 6 through Poser Pro will be available very soon. *Please be sure to unzip folder in your Main Poser directory