Weird Weather 2009 - Fire


Set your Poser world on fire with this collection of fifty-one fiery effects, including single flames, fireballs, and blazing fires, both tiling and non-tiling. IMPORTANT: Make sure you get the free 'Making the Most of Weird weather' tutorial at Content Paradise (see related products). It's got lots of tips and examples for using weird weather, including step by step illustrations.
  • New effect plane character includes tiling textures on a parameter dial - tile your fire quickly and easily and see the effects immediately in the preview as you turn the dial
  • New effect plane character with prop light attached, to help you get real light shining from your glowing effects
  • 51 new effects includes fires, flames and fireballs
  • All effect textures are 2000x2000 - no jaggies even on big renders!
  • Shares materials with the original Weird Weather or other Weird Weather 2009 packs - you can use all the transparencies from the original pack on the new figures (or the new effects on the old figures if you want to)
  • Apply effects from material room or MAT poses
  • The Weird Weather character and the default lightning texture are included in all Weird Weather 2009 packs. If you have another pack loaded, you may get a message that files are being overwritten. This is normal.
  • All the features will work in DAZ Studio EXCEPT the prop light; that's a Poser 6+ point light, and won't work in anything except Poser version 6 or higher. Textures are optimised for Poser, and you may need to adjust the textures in DS.