PzDB 1.1 Single Version License


PzDB 1.1 is still a great Library Manager for Poser Version 7 and earlier, and now it's available at a great low price!

PzDB is The Poser Content Management Database. It brings all of the power of the Microsoft Access 2007 Database Engine to bear on that overwhelming and totally uncontrolled file inventory that is your Poser Content Library. To paraphrase The Borg Queen; "PzDB brings order to chaos."

PzDB helps you to find the exact Poser Library content you are looking for as quickly and easily as possible, and it works.

PzDB indexes your entire Poser Library (or as many Libraries as you wish) and cross-references all the related content, automatically creating Groups of content based on these relationships and based on common Poser usage, and then provides an easy-to-use browsable and searchable database that can be integrated with Poser and used to replace the Standard Poser Library Palette entirely.