Professional Gray Scale


Professional Gray Scale and Density Evaluator - Never worry if you have achieved a full range of tones and values on your finished artwork again! Used in the professional photography and printing industry to insure the final published work contains a full range of tonal density and color. This digitized version allows the artist to do the same thing on a graphics monitor too, without the need to guess or pick color densities and read values individually. Provides for fast comparisons of individual values.

Verify your colors and densities are within your exacting standards. Here's how: Simply copy the transparent scale onto your WIP. Move the scale until the area to be measured matches one of the holes on the wedges. Instantly you know if your shadows are too deep, or your highlights are washed out. Delete the scale after adjustments.

Conveniently labeled with equivalent:

  • Densitometric Print Values
  • Digital Percentages
  • Monitor RGB Values

    The Gray Scale comes in two formats, PSD and PNG, and may be imported into any scene for lighting tests, etc. Place one scale in your scene, and use the Standard over your render in your favorite graphics application. Compare the two. Especially useful for expansion/compression evaluation of IBL/HDRI renders.