Poser and Advanced Rigging; Creating The Arachadonis


Creating The Arachadonis is a personalized video instructual tutorial showing you advanced rigging techniques, and how to create a figure inside of Poser!

The difference in this tutorial is that all of the files used, created and saved during the video are included in your download package. Just unzip them to your main Poser folder and the tutorial runtime and all of the files are automatically installed for you.

Some of the topics involved are: figure creation, grouping, creating IK's, joint editing, creating bones, joint order rotations, limits, rigging pistons, look at commands, importing, props, figures, smart parenting, PHI Build, CR2 editing, dial management...and more!

Over two and a half hours of personalized instuction.
See it, watch it, hear it...then do it!

All videos are at 1024 x 768 resolution and are in Windows Media format. Poser Pro was used during the tutorial but any version of Poser will do.

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