Postosuchus kirkpatricki


Postosuchus was a basal archosaur which lived in what is now North America during the middle through to the late Triassic period (228-202 million years ago). It was a rauisuchian, a cousin of crocodiles and came from the same ancestry as dinosaurs. Its name means "crocodile from Post", named after the Post Quarry in Texas, where many fossils of the genus were found. It was one of the top predators of its area during the Triassic, larger than the small dinosaur predators of its time (like Coelophysis). It was a hunter which probably preyed on dicynodonts, aetosaurids, cynodonts, sphenosuchians and many other creatures smaller than itself. Postosuchus was a quadrupedal reptile, about 4-5 meters long (12-15 feet).